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How do I get sandwiches when I cant cook them

How do you make Spaghetti

Need a little help progress 😅


yo could you reccomend an app to open .rar files I think I would like the game but my phone cant open the file

It does not work for android is there a problem with the game file?


I'm unable to open the file to install the game I'm I doing something wrong?

How do you get coins in the android version?


You can do a vercion in spanish because i dont understand very well the inglish


Android says it not a suported file

can you update it soon i love the game and it sucks that theres nothing i can really do anymore


Android version won't work, keeps coming up as "Can't open file."



I was wondering what the second file for the android version was. I installed the game (first file), and I thought that the second one might be an update. However, when I tried to install it it said the game isn't installed.


could you tell me how i get more fatigue?


Wait а few day :) 

On my patreon Page y can play on v0. 3.0!!! New Game play, New location))

But how do I do it? I just wait for the days without calling the princess or how?

how to download in android i cant download it

Or i cant play it

what game password 


this game is ......i dont have any words.


Deleted 89 days ago

I'm speechless. <3